Korean Misutgaru multigrain powder for beverage

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Chocoterian is introducing another food item, Misutgaru!
What does it taste like? It tastes like cereal, peanut butter, bread and rice:)

Misutgaru is gaining popularity worldwide as Korean culture spreads. You can just put it in your mug cup and stir it with water:)

It mainly consists of rice grains and tastes better than oatmeal. Rather it is similar to cereal flavor. And what is better is it is quite filly after you drink it, like you have eaten rice or noodles since it is made of the same rice.
Good for healthy diet and losing weight to appease your hunger. And even better for your kids who are always on the move!

Weight: 700g

Place of Origin: South Korea, Gangwon HongCheon-gun, Nam-Myeon, Soop-gol-gil 79

Expiration Date: 3 months after the manufactured date



Allergy Information:

This product is produced in the same production line where milk, wheat, peanut and soy are processed.


We stir-fried ingredients separately to maintains their taste and nutrients.



Glutinous Brown Rice(Made in Korea, 17%, no pesticides)

Brown Rice(Made in Korea, 33%, no pesticides)

Barley(Made in Korea, 33%)

Black Bean(Made in Korea, 17%)


How to make

Put some water and blend it with a whisk

If you would like it, you can put milk instead of water. It goes perfectly well with honey too!


How to store

Keep it at normal temperature.

After you break the seal, please seal it again and put it in refrigerator


Process of Production

Washing(brown rice ingredients and beans)




Blending according to a golden ratio




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